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To be crazy is mean to be normal?

| General | February 20, 2012

Little knowledge about yourself.

The world knew these wonderful, crazy people and indeed all the great people in the history have been a little crazy – crazy in the eyes of the crowd.

Their folly was reflected in the fact that they were not unhappy, were not anxious, do not fear death, and do not worry about trifles. Every time they were being lived fully and intensely. Thanks to this fullness and intensity of their life which has become a beautiful flower – they were full of flavor, love, life and laughter. But this, of course, touches millions of people around them.

They couldn’t come to terms with the fact that they have achieved what they are missed; they will try any way to make you miserable. Their condemnation is nothing but an attempt to make them unhappy, upset a dance and take a joy – went back into the crowd level.

Need to have the courage, and if people say you’re crazy, take it easy. Tell them: “You’re right, in this world only crazy people can be happy and joyful. I chose the madness with joy, bliss, with dance, and you chose the common sense along with the misery, suffering and hell – our choices are different.” Be normal and remain yourself unhappy, leave me alone with my madness.

Do not feel offended, and I will not feel offended by all of you – so many normal people in the world, but I have a my own right to be crazy.




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