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About Project

WoteWebb is a voting platform where any visitors can place their own vote on many different topics. At the same time visitors can discover and compare public opinion on a topic they are interested in.

Our voting system allows visitors to vote by sharing their voices via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin. Each sharing will add one score point to voted side.

Once a vote was shared, the battle details such as title, description and image will become visible on voter’s social profile and announce it to all friends for viewing and sharing. This is intended to create a viral result and can produce adequate traffic to the particular battle.

WoteWebb Features:

1. Visitor doesn’t need any special skills to place vote or create new battle.

2. Battle author have own profile and an easy to use dashboard where he can edit, pause and delete battles.

3. Battles will be rated by total votes.
Top 10 most voted battles will be placed on home page under “Top 10 Battles”. They are rated by total vote counts (sum of votes from left and right battle sides). Battles must be active.

4. Battles will be rated by page views.
Most visited battles overall will be placed in footer block under tab “Popular Overall” in decremented order.
Most visited battles during today will be placed in footer block under tab “Popular Today” in decremented order.

5. Authors can be rated by visitors with star rating system.
 Any visitor can rate an author of battle by clicking on any of 7 stars scale under “About Author” block. The highest rated authors will be placed in “Top Authors” block on home page.

6. We implementing countdown system on each battle. After battle expiration time gone the battle will be ended and voting ability disabled. You can request a prolonging a battle time.

7. During a battle time and after a status of battle and each side will be indicated.
For active battles statuses can be – Vote It, Just Voted, You Are Voted It, Be First Voter, Currently Winnig, Failed Side and Even Scores.
For ended battles statuses can be – Battle Winner, Failed Side, and Even Scores.

8. For achieving highest score accuracy we use so-called “callback function” provided by most social networks in our site, so voice will be counted on real sharing, not just clicking on a button.

9. In order to prevent visitors from vote bombing and avoid “fake” battle promoting we are logging voter’s IP in our database, so once battle is voted the next opportunity will be blocked for the same battle and IP.

10. Integrated Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin buttons allows you promote the particular battle by sharing it via social networks.

11. Built in Facebook comment plugin allows visitor to comment and share comment for each side of battle separately. Also there is standard blog commenting system.

This site under active developing and in beta stage, any comments and suggestions will be highly esteemed and appreciated.

Eugene A.